What do they know of Brexit that only Brexit know?

What do they know of Brexit that only Brexit know?


Everything you think you know about Brexit is wrong.

John Major was about the most hapless prime minister Britain has had. He governed with a small majority so was pushed around by every bully in the party and there was no shortage. His weak position meant enormous difficulty negotiating the Maastricht Treaty and temporarily scuppered the Northern Ireland peace process.

He was forced to assert leadership with meaningless initiatives like Back to Basics his moral crusade scuppered by the Geoffrey Archer and Jonathan Aiken who both found themselves in prison. The best joke of the Major era was however The Cones Hotline set up to reassure drivers that something would be done about the proliferation of cones on the motorways. His was a government that had to apologise for cones rather than take credit for fixing the motorways.

Gripped by the short hairs by Ulster Unionists and Conservative europhobes (whom he described as 'Bastards' on national television) he was barely able to govern, though he did get the Maastricht treaty signed he left an imprint on the national consciousness that Tories were incapable of government. When Blair won his landslide in 1997 stability returned and papers speculated that the Tories would never be in power again.

The right of the Tory party demonstrated that some things meant more to them than being in government and future leaders, notably William Hague were forced to demonstrate they could be tough on Europe. The neo-fascist tail was wagging the Tory dog. And lets be clear the neo-fascist tail is just that. Opposition to EU membership in the Tory Party is largely synonymous with the 'hang em and flog em brigade'. They are right wing, racist and homophobic. And like the zombies in '28 days later' they were doomed to extinction.

Except a clever young PR man, David Cameron, with the help of the Lib Dems put them back in the driving seat at a time of economic crisis, which is typically when xenophobia gains traction as immigrants and the poor get blamed for squandering hundreds of billions in the banking casino.

A key compromise that Cameron made with Major's Bastards was that he would hold an IN-OUT referendum on membership of the European Union. He may never have expected to have to keep his promise but the tide of xenophobia and bigotry against the poor which he was happy to use to divert from his dismantling of the Welfare State brought him back with a majority when Labour was led by someone who looked a bit too much like John Major.

A small majority! Xmas had come for the Bastards.

Cameron had promised a referendum before the end of 2017 but judged it best to get it out of the way rather than (don't laugh) allow Brexit to dominate his second term in government. Cameron's referendum was all about neutralising the zombies who now had the power to limit his every move in government just as they had with John Major. And nobody wants to be remembered like John Major.

A racist right wing party UKIP was on a roll. The Mail, Sun and Express were smelling blood and definitely didn't like this PR man, Cameron, who hadn't even managed to stand my his friend Rupert Murdoch. A refugee crisis was being exploited to make a case for fortress Britain as refugees were daily portrayed as terrorists.

Cameron's gamble failed and an ill thought out referendum lost 52-48 as Britain voted for Brexit without any conception of what Brexit meant.

The battle that was won was not the battle to take Britain out of Europe. The battle that was won was the battle for control of the Conservative Party. A vote for Brexit was a vote for the Bastards and Zombies.

When Theresa May says 'Brexit means Brexit' she is not talking to the nation. She is not committing to negotiating anything. She is talking to the right wing (crooks like Liam Fox) of the Conservative Party to say 'I acknowledge you have won and will do your bidding, I will not fight you as Major did and condemn us to lose the next election'

The stability of our communities, our economy, our relationships with our neighbouring countries, the integrity of the UK and peace in Ireland are ALL secondary to keeping the Bastards happy.

So what next? The government lost in court its argument that the Royal Prerogative could be used to trigger Article 50. And the right wing press go apoplectic. Let us be clear Theresa May knew that she could not use the royal prerogative this way, it was actually a no-brainer, and she will lose the appeal. She pursued the line because her right wing demanded it. The last thing they want is parliament deciding what Brexit means and limiting their power to make a bonfire of workers' rights and more.

Theresa May, to escape the grip of her own right wing, needs an election in which she can strengthen her majority. Personally I don't think she gives a hoot about Brexit. The Tories since 2010 have been very successfully engaged in their main project, dismantling the Welfare State and privatising public services. Brexit provided some useful distraction from that project. Most people in the UK are blissfully unaware of how far down the road this has gone and how close to both bankruptcy and privatisation the NHS is. The fact that Jeremy Hunt kept his job in the reshuffle (what a tame word that is) tells us that NHS privatisation is one thing Theresa May is not going to be distracted from.

Theresa May is taking John Major as the model for how not lead the Conservative Party.

Hack Attack and Flat Earth News by Nick Davies are brilliant books. They describe thoroughly the processes of blackmail and intimidation used by the Murdoch media and the Daily Mail. He describes a process of 'monstering' whereby politicians are targeted, their background trawled over and stories printed daily to focus on and undermine the chosen target. It happened to both Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband. Facts aren't important. Public humiliation is.

This strategy is now being used against High Court judges. It is being used in the hope that where legal argument fails, intimidation will succeed. Because being able to use the royal prerogative to trigger article 50 is of crucial importance to the Bastards. This is equivalent to trying to knobble a jury and the editors should be awaiting sentence for contempt of court.

May needs a General Election next year. But she is trapped. Her only winning strategy is to pursue Brexit and seek a mandate for her version of Brexit. If she wins an election before triggering article 50, where she has Brexit in her manifesto, and wins a strong majority then she will be in the novel position of being both able to tell her right wing to piss off and being bound by her manifesto to do what they want.

Remoaners, Remainiacs, Regrexiters, a new language has been spawned. Matthew Paris made a very interesting point that the emphasis of the Brexiteers is on attacking remoaners rather than celebrating victory and planning their bright future. Like they don't actually believe in their bright future and are trying to get their excuses in early, 'it was the remoaners wot spoiled it'. There is widespread belief that Boris Johnson never believed in Brexit but saw it as his road to leadership on the backs of the Bastards. Days after the vote Johnson wrote an article for the Telegraph saying Brexit did not mean leaving the Single Market, which is why Gove stabbed him in the back.

The important Tory project is dismantling the Welfare State, overturning the Labour revolution of 1945. Unity around Brexit is the means of holding onto power to complete the job.

It is our job to stop them and forcing a wedge between them on Brexit is a key part of the strategy.